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What I've done?! That's not my son!

July 17, 2016
Hellspawn - There Has Never Been A Son Of Me

What are you talking about? How can I believe that - Hellspawn - There Has Never Been A Son Of Me I'm sure of it!.
The mysterious Do Not Be Among Idolaters beginning, shamanic drums, magic martial dances, ceremonies that summons evil spirits against the enemy. But the rites require you to pay - the shaman is looking for someone to give vitality as a sacrifice to the demon, summoned in the ritual.
Blow - dancing around with a tambourine, a blow - dancing around a campfire, Hung An A Tree - Damned By His Father the ritual not so simple, can't be rushed or produced somehow. Blow - dancing around, blow - dance around!
Symphonic orchestration creates intrigue in the early Antitrinitarian, then the chorus adds his sacrament to this entry. But anger and power tools added power of this music, the track runs through the body of the leitmotif, not retreating under the pressure and anger of the electric guitars and growling vocals.
Electric guitars alternate, one flies forward, getting his riff afar, another improvising - they count For The Number Is Human. This shifts - the rhythm guitar improvises, next the solo guitar do that - it have been heard in order to understand!
Ancient chants, choruses complemented, it creeps to shout - Hallelujah! But that would have to wait until near the end of the song, mostly instrumental.
Heralded By Prophets in no hurry to articulate or write down their prophecies appreciate their strength and skills. They slowly begin to preach the values that exalt them above most mortals.
Upon Entering The Valley They Did Not Fear fast rhythm and vocals discord with the viscous and stringy main motive, they overtake the solo guitar and do not tend to wait for its leisurely impulses.
After the previous song, solo guitar defeated in shock, and its complicated riffs strung tends to confuse the rest of the band. But they know that It Is Not Proper For The Gracious To Have A Son, don't hesitate to limit impulsive improvisation, combining the power and melody in a single burst.
Powerful prayer Santa Sindone pulls in a single burst, got excited, and restricting other thoughts for his sharp and powerful riffs. After violent jerks all ends by sticky and viscous melodic riff.
The title track completes the entire album's list, in There Has Never Been A Son Of Me militant marching rhythm runs through all of the track, complemented by tight vocal support of the powerful growl, not speeding up its pace to the limit, but without making it smudge drawling. But the song ends with the wind howling under a thunder of marching drums.