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What have you mean? There's no angel, let's go Adeline

October 05, 2016
Fallen Arise - Adeline

Beautiful sensual Fallen Arise - Adeline tells us her story, leaving behind the ordinary world and ascends away from all of us.
Introduction of the mysterious enigmatic story sounds as Prologue In D Minor, it combines passages of violin and cello, and asks the question - "Are you afraid of darkness? No?! So - let there be darkness!"
Keyboard notes inspired by the beginning The Curse Of Adeline history, combining the emotional rage and melodic nervousness in shapes of its parts. After an emotional female vocal phrases sublime melody becomes clear dense rhythm that accompanies long-term romantic keyboard passages. But then the furious growls and emotional lady returnes, following the symphonic orchestral passage lady completes the composition.
Gentle romantic ballad We're Becoming Gods appeals to the very depths of our thoughts, pulling emotions unite in harness in its trail.
Divine Bride mythical creatures chimes draws our attention out with ornateness of the fierce symphonic motifs. This is followed by a monologue of the Lady that ends on instrumental drive and harsh vocals. After the impetuous drive should be quiet, melodic and dreamy violin, creating a foundation for the epic symphony splash, combining the power and fury of modern instruments with elevated sensitivity of the orchestral parts. And drive draws a line under this symphonic rush, punctuated by cries of keyboards break that completes the whole song.
Symphonic and orchestral motifs not so Silent Weeping, it addicts to fury and drive, carrying the melody in angry passages supporting the rage of growl vocals and vesting female vocal phrases with fetters of anger.
Symphony burst impulsively pushes the power and energy of the beginning the saga The Heart Of The Damned, male vocals then excitedly begins his story, and then transfigured into growls, complete with female vocals and then the lady continues the narrative rhythmically and fast until the instrumental respite created by piano, violins and male monologue.
With the cheerful, like the dance, pace Lady brings to us the idea that it was My Last Breath.
Exhalted motifs White Crystal Angel elevate the story to soaring heights, carrying over the heads of the crowd surprised at the fabulous open spaces to the castles in the air and reckless brightness.
The ringing of bells heralds the Funeral tragedy. It's time to go, but lady can't live her small girl and argue about it with a man. No, - she screams, - No!
Women's inheritance belonged to her grandmother, passed into the hands of Adeline - that's Music Box.
Angel from heaven in its sublime lyrical monologue, combined with delicate notes of a piano begins to tell the thoughts As Far The Memory Remains, tender ballad poetry rises to the next level of drive, enhancing support capacity of instrumental drive in the chorus.
Sensual emotions male vocals and gentle melodic notes of the piano and violin combines in the last song Oceans Of Time that approximating the album to completion, which provides Epilogue drumming and female operatic chant, culminating in the ringing of the bells.