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What eye? Whose eye?

September 01, 2017
Alex Usai Band - Whose Eye

A bright, playful and joyful dance of sounding Greedy Little Pixie begins album Alex Usai Band - Whose Eye. But, after the joyful dancing of the music along with the vocal phrases in the instrumental middle, great solemnity follows, combining graceful keyboard passages and confident vocal statements.
Chink Of Light continues the manner of the wise reverie embedded in the instrumental part of the previous composition. Thoughts, ideas of reflections - create a touching, non-tensioning atmosphere.
The marvelous atmosphere of a gentle, soft ballad After The Rain covers the atmosphere of dreams - everything around is so pure, bright and unique! Oh, let everything always shine so, only so!
Funny dancing Openin' Act music covering each other's solutions, hovering in a bright and exciting improvisations, tempting sparkling variety of musical ideas Hey You (Think 13) sounds like leisurely dialogue with a neighbor at the bar counter, discussing everything around turns in a leisurely dance, circling around the canvas laid down by the main motive.
Thoughtful reflections Imaginary Spark, like the wise old man looking out the window at the snow flakes, corrects the warm plaid on the armchair and reflects on the past, as if he knows most of the obstacles that the youths are facing. But on the street - frost and snow, and here - a rocking chair, a fireplace and a warm blanket - so there's no use to get out of there, no-no!
Again, the instrumental saga Expectation, in dreamy dreams, carries away from the burning troubles, keyboards and guitars are echoing solo wind instruments. You need to listen - everyone will hear it in their own way! A Long Awaited Day continues this bright, sparkling instrumental extravaganza, enveloping the magical atmosphere of tempting and unique improvisations.
The thoughtful atmosphere of a leisurely, enchanting ballad Shooting Stars encompasses the indescribable mysterious atmosphere of imaginary dreams - cloud castles, fairies, princesses with bouquets of flowers... ah, it's all around, hovering, scurrying and indescribable these bright images.
Well, after a thoughtful ballad Follow Me brings a bit of drive, in the inherent for the style of performance. But follow me, follow, follow ... do not lag behind! More orchestral sound, giving a bit of circus romance. But - follow me!
Slightly abbreviated (as indicated in the title Greedy Little Pixie (Radio Edit)) version of the first composition completes the whole album.