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What else to expect ?!

February 10, 2021
Entail of Crow - Commas

Thoughtful vocal reflections combined with the Paul Dano mystery of musical variations begins the musical history of the Entail of Crow - Commas album, at times extending the stylistic framework. The Mr. Hundred Thousand composition brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, at times raising the banner of an inspired musical procession.
The vocal reflections take the musical reflections off the beaten muscular path, dominating the vocal directions of the path in the direction of the procession of the Nah Sir song. The Ayahuasca composition takes us to the mystical expanse of beyond the clouds and obscure images of ritualistic shamanistic visions.
Pulsating with the heartbeat of the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams main motif, the vocal part then lends shades of emotional doubt to the sound, adhering to the path laid out by the leitmotif. The Mr. White Flag composition emphasizes vocal experience, doubt, and reflection.
Vocals reflections intertwines in a mesmerizing romantic dance with musical sparks in the sound of the Our Pilot ballad. The Break Me song closes the album with a combination of light sadness and romantic memories.