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What being dead - can never die

October 02, 2016
Frozen Infinity - Phoenix

Flame herald the destruction, but Frozen Infinity - Phoenix - only to renewal, revive and rebirth!
Waves and fury rays propagate fire storm, bring destruction to all living creatures, burning everything to ashes. But the Phoenix rise from the ashes and dust, recreating the surroundings in the form of new indestructible items, eludes for destructive impulses in the title track.
Starting with a fun and cheerful melody, Scarred vocals brings notes of thoughtful reflection, burdensome thoughts and complexity of choice.
Symphonic notes brings keyboards and guitars in intro of the Lest We Forget, then the procession becomes more clear and rhythmic, disseminating the powerful impetus to the latent desire to forgive and forget. The instrumental guitar solo recalls tunes of intro to its sound. At the end of the rage and anger taste melodism to the core.
Invigorating riff encouraging in the beginning of the Withered turns into thoughtful growling monologue, ending with a fierce emotional outburst and passing in the screaming vocals, combined with instrumental rabies. But monologue only hidden for a time, his return and the chant of the crowd completes the composition.
Thick obsessive melody of Mirror Mask demolish obstacles in its path, destroying them by its powerful blows. Then, without changing the shape of the motive, band plays a rhythmic pattern to the guitar solo, that ascend us to the triumph of the chorus. Then riff from intro coming back, accompanying the crowd yells "HATE! HATE!". The same riff completes the composition, maintaining the final question.
Mysterious lady by her interrogative monologue opens the gates to a Good Nightmare. In the labyrinths of this mysterious dark evil world wander on the stretch of the composition, then running and jumping in a furious zeal, that following a mysterious ringing of bells and the mysterious dark riffs to obscure the goal - the desire to get rid of this obsession.
Organ begins keyboard poem by its party, calling the spirits of unexplored ancient ages, digging the Grave New World in our minds. Rhythmic constant riffs leads vocals, surrounding it with protection of th sound of accompaniment, keyboards from the skies direct the main motive by its inclusive notes to order that only the singing narrator knows.
Violin and Cello reveal by their orchestral passages the Our Words Are Law sacrament to all of us. Then tight rhythmic beats create a bridge to the next verse, flying on a dense and hard rhythm guitar riffs to the next bridge. The main motive of the chorus led by keyboard champion. carrying the flag of law and order over the black darkness of the crowd. Then, dense and powerful strikes creating a substrate for a quiet and remote instrumental symphony, then coming to the fore to create a picture for a guitar solo. Which does not last long, allowing symphony orchestra tunes to complete the composition.
The Shattered Image (Part II) flies like fierce gust, slowing the pace with accession to the vocals, only to re-accelerate powerfully in unrestrained zeal. Then it replaces vocal growl to scream until the bridge, that serves respite before the next rampant violent of ragged sound.
Thick sure clear rhythm begins the story The Smell of Death with a hard, splitting the base of the universe, blows. Chronicles Then accelerate its course, led by guitar howl, recreating the sound of horns combat troops going to the decisive battle of a lifetime - in which they learn how smells death. Instrumental solo pulls sound unrestrained consciousness unresolved the main question, pausing for the chronicles next section. And so abrupt the end!