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November 30, 2017
Ancesthor - Oneiric

The introduction so thoughtfully and variably begins Bougainvillea's Trail with magic melody, sparkly changing in a variety of variations, but the frantic drive breaks in the frenzied breakthrough of the first Ancesthor - Oneiric album's track before the introduction of the vocal. However, the vocals again bring an exciting melody, however, complicating the rhythmic structure more and more. Concludes the composition of the guitar solo, similar to the introduction, continuing in the solemn march of the Four Volcanic Winds intro. A clear rhythm lays the foundation for changeable vocal phrases, the breeches should be followed by an alternation of exciting melodies and malicious breaks. Then again the zealous drive furiously dominates untill the wonderful guitar solo that finishes the song.
Here, already the furious drive is already manifested in a stormy, unrestrained introduction Rampant Maelstorm. Vocal phrases restrain musical zeal. Here already the furious drive is already manifested in a stormy, unrestrained introduction 1. Vocal phrases restrain musical zeal, but their attempts are not very successful - so unrestrained are musical jerks, vocals become harsh. But then in the bridge, melodic musical passages bring the power metal spirit.
The bright and spectacular title composition Oneiric combines a delightful melody, rushing on the harsh waves of furious drive, but not sinking in this severe storm. Vocal unites several stylistic trends, performing cleanm harsh, screaming and even a bit of growling style inclusions.
Adding severe groove and hardcore notes Mirthless Dreams takes place in the vocal discus, shading harsh with clean and growling vocals. The musical part complements the sound with notes of symphonic melodies, romantic guitar solo lowers the curtains.
The wave of drive The Void Of Reprisal rolls melodically, but uncontrollably and severely, more vocals of growling appear in the vocals, here the stylistic frames move towards melodic death metal.
The Sordid Light vocals become angrier and more severe, giving the harsh various harsh tones, music in complex and diverse moves promotes the flow of drive, guitar solos give sublime reverie.
Instrumental symphonic saga Delirium Tremens makes you wonder about the futility of life, completing the album thinking about the consequences of excessive swagger in the fun..