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November 03, 2021
Cataleptic - The Tragedy

Beginning with a twilight triumphal procession, the Alpha Strike dark anthem then raises the banners of somber musical grandeur. But after a brief pause in the musical narrative, complete with the ringing of swords and the rattle of weapons, the music is transformed into a pensive procession of a mournful romance, and the vocals bring a whirlwind of emotional experience and foreboding of the coming changes in the musical style of the Cataleptic - The Tragedy album.
The introduction with the bass solo sets the direction of the Disarmed. Disowned. Betrayed main motif, then crowns its musical canvas with a significant vocal part, sullenly marching along the path laid out for it.
The vocal part immediately comes to the forefront of the pensive march, beginning with the muffled and distant reflections of the Whipped To Drudgery composition. The sound of the Lost song brings a reassuring note to the musical narrative, enveloping the twilight passages of the guitar riffs and the vocal harshness with sparkling notes of musical variations.
Gloomily and sorrowfully supplementing the vocal despair with echoes of a funeral march, the Recompense In Death composition builds a musical castle of an extended epic saga, combining echoes of epic tales and an amazing variety of stylistic branches and musical variations, continuing similar stylistic and genre search in the To Burn This World (Omega Campaign) final composition of the album, marches more twilight, pensive and calmly on the chosen musical path.