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Werewolves are going on hunt

February 11, 2021
Werewolves -  What a Time to Be Alive

Exploding with fierce drive and vocal anger, the I Don't Like You accentuates the title again and again, enveloping this indignant statement in a whirlwind of shades and combining screaming and growling in the vocals. The Sublime Wartime Voyeurism song continues the musical narration of the Werewolves - What a Time to Be Alive album, building the compositional structure on the basis of alternation and combination of screaming and growling in the vocal part.
Waves of gloomy musical indignation are pumping up the Mission Statement waves of gloomy drive, crowned with the severity of growling. The Crushgasm track retains a dark atmosphere, but gives more importance to the vocal part, in which he combines screaming and growling with notes of dark symphony. Spinning the flywheel of unrestrained drive, the Unfathomably Fucked song takes us into the musical stream of unrestrained drive.
Twisting the intriguing lace of the introduction from the strands of a guitar solo, the Antisocial composition captivates all of us by musical ways into an atmosphere of unpredictable fantasies. The Traitors and Bastards explodes into violent vortexes of vocal rage, entwined with harsh and harsh musical motifs. Rolling in waves of mid-tempo march, the A Plague on All Your Houses accelerates sharply under the influence of vocals, but leaves the vocal part in the mode of mid-tempo sermon, rolling out the impetuous whirlwinds of musical drive. The They Will Pay with Their Own Blood puts the final point on the album amid the intriguing buzzing of a guitar solo in the intro.