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Well, it is a matter of degrees

August 30, 2018
Funeral Horse - Psalms Of The Mourning

Viscous and volatile motifs roll in with an irresistible wave, Better Half Of Nothing vocal gets stuck in the dense musical fetters of the stubborn drive that forms the basis of the Funeral Horse - Psalms Of The Mourning album, but leaves no attempt to develop its narration. The instrumental part overtakes perception in a leisurely romance, returning in the final part to the intro manner.
No Greater Sorrow (Than My Love) romance weaves blues motifs, returning in part to the style of Frank Sinatra.
Unclear motifs are intertwined in the gloomy fog of the introduction, then retreating in front of a fascinating leitmotif, advancing through the entire Emperor Of All Maladies composition.
The acoustic instrumental ballad 1965 acts as a respite between the composition, calming reflections and reflections.
Crumpled convulsions intertwine in an impetuous drive wave, intercepted by a brief guitar passage, but then again carried off into Sacrifice Of A Thousand Ships tireless musical race.
Viscous and volatile beginning Divinity For The Wicked vocals complements the twilight atmosphere, bringing its shade to the development of this trend, instrumental bridges contribute to the unknown theatrical artistry.
Unclearly thinking at the beginning of the composition, Burial Under The Sun continues the atmosphere of the album, still leaving vocals in a distorted mist.<> As if we were listening to ancient vinyl, the Evel Knievel Blues vocals are incredibly distorted, the music remembers immemorial country music ... well, the tribute to the memory of the era is the end of the album.