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December 28, 2022
Whiskey Ritual, 2022 -  Kings

The title track begins the musical path of the Whiskey Ritual - Kings album with a furious drive of guitar riffs, sometimes subduing their rage for mysterious significance, then bringing the vocal part to the front of the compositional image of the Robin Hood exciting musical fairy tale.
The brief intrigue of the intro ends with a burst of fast-paced musical drive, crowned by the vocal rage of the Trve Escort track, captivating the musical tenacity to follow the indicated path, captivating with the mesmerizing guitar solo of the instrumental section. The Rien Ne Vas Plus musical thriller weaves the vocals story with twilight musical whirlwinds, inseparably weaving music and vocals into a single musical stream.
Slightly pacifying the tempo and fury of the musical passages, the Jetlag composition crowns the rhythmic pace of the music with vocals phrases, preserving rhythm in the more impetuous Goodfellas musical dance, complementing the stylistic framework and shades of the album with echoes of northern folklore motifs and Viking sagas, continuing a similar stylistic direction in the sound of the Eye for an Eye battle song, enveloping vocals appeals in twilight musical veils retreating before the battle marches of the valiant warriors detachments.
But the musical twilight, combined with vocal mystery, weaves the twilight musical lace of the Blue Lights composition, which pierces the impetuous persistence of the musical drive and the tenacity of the vocals story of the Welcome to the Gray Zone final composition of the album.