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Welcome to the my nightmare's logic

December 25, 2017
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

A long, drawn-out mysterious Soul Sacrifice introduction, envelops in a haze of mysterious sounds and a shadow of soft key motive, the introduction transforms into a powerful rhythmic march accompanied by a viscous guitar solo, which is then replaced by vocal stories calling for a stream of unrestrained drive in the first composition of the Power Trip - Nightmare Logic album.
The confident but gloomy march Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe) manifests the ordinary way of the executioner, who performs a terrible ritual - terrible for everyone around, ordinary and familiar to him.
A swift stream of unrestrained drive Firing Squad sways the vocal phrases and instrumental parts into a fierce blade, tearing toward the goal.
The main motif of the title track Nightmare Logic seems to pierces a tunnel of guitar riffs, in the vortex of creating around the nervous vocal verses of the verse something like a cocoon. After the chorus bright and sparkling guitar passages from the intro emerges again from a thick musical fog.
Waiting Around To Die introduction creates the atmosphere of an epic legend, obscuring obscure images of blurred illusions. But then the drive inherent in the style rushes in a furious leap through the fog, sweeping the barriers into the torches, casting ghostly shadows aside.
Starting with a rolling march, Ruination then picks up the pace. Where is the vocals? Is it really an instrumental composition? That's not true - the vocals shows up in a very interesting musical accompaniment, the changeable rhythm and quite violent guitar riffs are combined into a one-piece musical image.
A vague, uncertain alarm manifests itself already in the If Not Us Then Who introduction, a confident hard drive does not allow to stop in fear of future trials and upcoming adversities. In the verse, the drive through the haze and the darkness is moving towards a bright guitar solo in the bridge. In the instrumental part, the motives for joining in an even more artistic and exciting manner outplay these worries and forebodings.
A swift, unrestrained rolling drive of Crucifixation song completes the tacts with the galloping whirlwinds, completing the album in furious readiness to stand and fight with any opponent face to face. But in the chorus the rolling march at a moderate pace sets up all sorts of battles, preparing for any donations for the sake of selected opportunities.