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Welcome to the grave!

August 27, 2023
Sigh - Graveward

A bright guitar solo weaves an enchanting musical lace before the opening of the vocal part of the Kaedit Nos Pestis song, continuing with symphonic charm, anticipating the twilight mystery of the musical passages of the title track of the Sigh - Graveward musical opera, weaving in a single musical canvas the enchanting unity of an incredible variety of musical styles, then captivating with the exciting drive of The Tombfiller composition wrapping around the vocal story in the enchanting veils of a musical symphony.
A symphonic intro, vocal apology yells and then the assertive march of The Forlorn composition, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of its symphonic journey, again and again emphasizing the apology and the phrase "I'm not bad" ... everything seemed simple - but how much artistry and charm in sound! I listen again and again ... perhaps the listener will appreciate it? Although, by the way, the ticking of the ancient clock and the keyboard symphony of the next suite with the mystery of the vocal dispute in the introduction anticipate the interweaving of the twilight lace of the mysterious procession of The Molesters of My Soul dark musical fairy tale, ending with a vocal ascension and whirlwinds of a mysterious drive with notes and echoes of the Out of the Grave musical thriller crowned with vocals emotions.
A short introduction precedes the promotion of the vocal story to the forefront of the sound of The Trial by the Dead twilight musical fairy tale, in the chorus wrapping around the vocal part with the charming melodies of the singing lady, anticipating the mysterious questioning of vocals doubts of The Casketburner composition with the charm of jazz improvisations in instrumental bridges and the progressive brokenness of the rhythm. Bard passages and musical mystery with echoes of oriental motifs weave the enchanting musical lace of A Messenger from Tomorrow... I. The Message, II. Foreboding, III. Doomsday bard saga, captivating melodic artistry of guitar solos of instrumental fragments, anticipating the whirlwind of progressive complications of the Dwellers in Dream final composition of the album, soaring in a bright ascension of the unity of symphonism and drive, together with vocal diversity, summing up the natural and a worthy end to the album with its sound.