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Weird painted world seems different

May 25, 2022
Greyhaven - This Bright And Beautiful World

In the introduction, exploding with a furious whirlwind of frenzy in the joint deadly dance of music and vocals, the In A Room Where Everything Dies composition begins the Greyhaven - This Bright And Beautiful World album with a furious drive, then bringing thoughtfulness and arsticism in the final movement, which precedes the development of vocal reflections of the All Candy song, slowly marching in a haze entwined with doubts and conjectures. The A Painful And Necessary Action composition hardens the vocal part in the nervous fury of the introduction, then again returning to unhurried vocals reflections, entwined in a twilight musical haze.
Vocal and musical fury are stirred by a whirlwind of indignation and the complex musical lace of the More And More Hands composition, then progressively and artistically bringing echoes of southern rock with a leisurely vocal narrative. The Of Snakes And Swans vocal dispute combines in a single vocal part the dreamy reverie of clean vocals and the furious indignation of harsh vocals. The Foreign Anchor musical thriller explodes with vocal frenzy, rolling waves of furious indignation and frenzied discontent.
The vocal story of the Fed To The Lights ballad brings to the sound of the album an atmosphere of romantic reflections and sad memories. The vocal part is brought to the forefront of The Quiet Shakes musical image, captivating musical variations to follow the significant vocals proclamations, continuing with the alternation of clean vocals and harsh in the hurried and hasty sound of the And It's Still Too Loud composition and the mesmerizing pensiveness and charm of the sound of the Ornaments From The Well final ballad of the album.