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Weapons captured even thoughts and minds

February 01, 2020
Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic

The readiness for battles and fights escalates waves of rage and anger, severely bringing the Armed To The Teeth verse’s gloomy narrative to inspired militancy, starting the Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic album with an energetic and vibrant musical thriller. The following composition The Attitude continues the introductory, cohesively and integrally complementing its musical decisions. Moreover, the chorus calls for unbridled swiftness, pumping up the pace acceleration.
The lightweight sound of the Psycho Ward song's music gives the album a hue of earlier musical styles, twisted in a playful dance and inspired by the adventures of vocal phrases.
But I Am Warfare is returning again to the musical style of starting tracks with a fast rushes of unbridled drive, introducing an atmosphere of mysterious twilight into the introduction, then completing the waves of musical drive with a foam of vocal phrases. Keeping the fighting sound structure, Out With The Garbage winds the main motive's drive with a vortex of guitar solo. Pumping up a rampart of furious drive, Dressed Up For Evil envelops musical passages in a harsh and gloomy atmosphere, sometimes the vocals become hardened to a rebellious harsh style. But with such militancy and belligerence, music is sometimes transformed by melodic sparks and captivates with the melodic solo of the instrumental part. Harsh, powerful and tough drive of the Riot song's intr. Slightly accelerates the introduction of vocals, while maintaining musical rhythm on the verge of an average tempo. Once again, the guitar solo of instrumental fragments captivates with its varied melody.
The soft guitar solo of the introduction envelops with anticipation of a romantic ballad, but then the sound of the One Wrong Move track in the final part is hardened for the usual violent action movie for the album. In the introduction and verses, the bass guitar part comes to the forefront of the Lip Service musical image, interwoven in a bewitching dance with the vocal part. However, in bridges and choruses, the guitar returns to its dominant role. A whirlwind of rapid The End Of The Lie guitars passages accelerate the musical drive to an unbridled race, vocals saddle this race, completing the album with its fastest composition.