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Weapon in hand gives will to live

September 18, 2020
Rising Steel - Fight Them All

The harsh drive of the guitar solo sets the mood for the Mystic Voices intro, then the vocal performance is anticipated by the rhythmic pulsations of the musical march. The Rising Steel - Fight Them All album's title track soars with a sparkling guitar solo, anticipating the intro to the emotional appeal of the vocal, complemented by exclamations from the band. Driving in rhythmic passages the rhythm of intro, the Steel Hammer then crowns the sound of the main motive with the vocal part. Sternly and rigidly weaving a fighting lace of guitar riffs the Blackheart walks a stubborn and stern procession of a battle march.
Whirling a whirlwind of impetuous drive, the Savage is carried away in a hurried pursuit of a frantic race, imparting a note of impatience to vocal experiences. The mysterious twilight of the intro turns into an enveloping musical haze combined with vocal reflections in the Gloomy World epic saga. Dramatically transforming into bitterness and heavier sound, the Malefice song brings some shades of trash metal. The mysterious intro is transformed by the dances of a rebellious drive, then the Metal Nation vocal part comes to the fore of this dance. By pumping waves of rebellious disagreement with the existing order, the Pussy song's music intensifies the atmosphere of striving for freedom. The Led by Judas blows up a vortex of rock'n'roll dance. After the solemn twilight of the majestic hymn in the introduction, the Master Control puts the final point of the album with a hasty drive with the ascent of vocal experiences to the crest of musical waves.