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December 24, 2022
Tori Amos - Christmastide (EP)

The soft tenderness of the musical title tracks of the Tori Amos - Christmastide (EP) release envelops the inspired charm of the vocals lyrics of the singing lady, recounting in a single sparkling dance with charming notes of musical sublimity.
The brooding charms of the Circle Of Seasons keyboards ballad are combined in a joint procession with vocals reflections, intertwining in a single mystery of the mystical atmosphere, enveloping the listener with reflections of invisible mysteries and ghostly temptations.
The vocals narrative is brought to the forefront of the musical image of the Holly mysterious fairy tale, complementing the vocals narrative with notes of pensive sadness and echoes of long-standing memories and sublime spirituality. The exciting unity of restrained drive and majestic spiritual anthem sets the final chords and strokes of this musical artwork, marching in the rhythmic step of the Better Angels composition, combining vocals inspiration with musical melody.