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We will tell you tree of life fairy tale

April 16, 2022
Last of Lucy - Ashvattha

The twilight mystery of the The Last of Lucy - Ashvattha album begins with an artistic and progressive trilogy - first, the Chapter I: Epiphyte part opens the gates of the musical narrative in combination with the variable unity and interweaving of screaming and growling in the vocal part. Jazz improvisation of the charming saxophone melodies creates a transition to the next Chapter II: Odyssey of this musical fragment, which develops the motifs set in the final segment in the progressive musical artistry of the next chapter, anticipating the explanation and embodiment of the essence of the album's title in the Chapter III: Ashvattha Awaits final section of the trilogy.
Artistic Hypostatize (Interlude) improvisation with notes of soothing lineage serves as an introduction to the next section of the album with dreamy romanticism, culminating in the ringing of a bell, pulsations of electronic omens and a whirlwind of progressive artistic embodiment of the Obsidian Archetype composition, wrapping the vocal narratives with impenetrable veils of complex musical lace, anticipating the promotion of the vocal part to the fore of the Advertent Avidity musical image.
The Vigilance (Interlude) intriguing mystique foreshadows the final section of the album emerging from the twilight shadows, in which the sound of the Formication song brings to the fore the unity of vocal contrasts, arguing and intersecting in the elements of sound entwined with musical mysteries, then soaring in an accelerated race of the frantic impatience of the Agarttha composition, appeased only the embodiment of the Permutation (Outro) final illumination.