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We will tell you about your pantheon

November 18, 2019
Dictated - Phobos

Fiercely, powerfully and severely in a medium-tempo musical stream, shrouded in the veils of mysticism and mystery Hypso begins the Dictated - Phobos album, dedicated to mystical essences and deities, building the musical essence of the composition alternating and juxtaposing scrimming and growling, enveloping them with mystical veils. Viscous rolls over the gloomy shaft of harsh significance, powerfully rolling musical waves after Thalasso vocals phrases and preserving the majestic flow of the anthem, but then exploding in a stream of furious drive.
Mysterious playfulness soars in mystical waves of ghostly trends, but with the introduction of Lysso vocals, music flies away with rampant waves of drive, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part. A mysterious fog envelops the Taphe intro with a mysterious atmosphere, then alternating vocal styles and varying the rhythmic pattern of the epic mid-tempo march. Twilight trends envelops the alternation of screaming and growling in Chira vocals phrases of an epic narrative that raises the banners of the winds of ancient legends. Concluding with the thoughtful echoes of folklore motifs, these musical sacraments flow into the development of the main motive of the next composition Apeiro, pumping power and solemnity into these melodies and building from them the magnificent arches of the solemn anthem, praising the valiant ancestors.
Exploding in a furious stream of unbridled drive, Eisoptro sweeps away any obstacles from the path with powerful musical zeal, freezing in the inspired bridge of the instrumental bridge. The battle march Glosso rolls the musical drum roll, calling the troops to readiness for battle. The gloomy forebodings of impending battles weave a bewitching lace of Trypo intro, then the music and vocals are dashed by medium-tempo drive waves, whipping up gloomy forebodings of future trials and exploding with whirlwinds of swift passages. The broken and unexpectedly Athaza Gora rhythmic structure appears as mysterious changes, recreating the unity of swiftness and viscosity. Exploding with a furious drive, the pre-chorus bridge fetters the vocal duet with viscous threads, completing the album with the Atychi meaningful narrative.