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We will tell the tale about the lord of darkness protégé

June 10, 2022
The Troops of Doom - Antichrist Reborn

After the mysterious introduction, the Dethroned Messiah composition rolls in waves of unrestrained drive, setting the characteristic tone of the sound of the The Troops of Doom - Antichrist Reborn album. The Far From Your God composition accelerates in a whirlwind of unrestrained swiftness, trying to keep the musical drive with vocals narratives, continuing a similar stylistic pattern in the sound of the Altar Of Delusion song.
The saddened instrumental track Grief flips through the album's music book for the next chapter, in which musical mystery envelops the hurried running of the Pray Into The Abyss composition with a twilight vocal narrative. Then, after a harsh and gloomy introduction, the Rebellion song again and again activates the sound of the guitar solo, anticipating the stubborn rolling sound of the gloomy mid-tempo Deserters From Paradise march.
The dark mystery of the Apocalypse MMXXII intro opens the way for the final chapter of the album, in which then the A Queda (Feat. Joao Gordo) song begins with gloomy vocal reflections, then rushes into a whirlwind of frantic drive, anticipating the artistic diversity of the Preacher's Paradox final composition of the album.