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We will ride on the wings of that storm

March 10, 2022
UVTraveler - Stormchaser

The whirlwind of artistic musical drive captures the listener in the sparkling brightness of musical variations, justifying and explaining the title of the UVTraveler - Stormchaser album, tempering the musical sounding of the Death's Call composition with the introduction of thoughtful and unhurried wise vocal reflections. Then the sound of the music transforms again and again in an artistic and mesmerizing dance of musical variety, alternating the ascension of vocal inspiration and the sparkling melody of a thrilling guitar solo. After an intriguing introduction, the Waiting For An Answer ballad takes us on a dreamy journey through a haze of unsolved mysteries, returning again and again to the meaning of its title. The "If" musical composition brings the atmosphere of medieval minstrel sagas and the wistful acoustic charm of the sensuality of romantic serenades.
The When The Sun Gets In Your Eyes song, starting with the echoes of festivity and entertainment, transforms the sound and the compositional pattern with the introduction of significant vocal phrases, indicating the direction of the further musical procession. The Spring Seems Far Away acoustic ballad continues the sound of the album with the embodiment of a romantic bardic tale, anticipating the combination of a martial knight saga with artistic and progressive musical embodiment of it in the further rhythmic march of the Seasure composition, confidently driving its footsteps into the dusty road of the chosen path.
The charm of The Cemetery At Night instrumental ballad anticipates the persistent and insistent march of the Calm Before The... battle march, persistently and confidently advancing to the album's conclusion with the Stormchaser title track, in which musical sternness and understated mid-tempo drive with elements of melody and romanticism intertwine with vocal variations in a mesmerizing progressive sound of artistic musical variations.