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We will reborn in high tension

June 24, 2022
Julian, Frank, 2019 -  Reborn (EP)

Artistic instrumental passages are bewitchingly intertwined in the exciting sound of the Psycho Night composition, bewitchingly charming and captivating to listen to the Frank Julian - Reborn (EP) album.
Soaring in a swift whirlwind of drive, the High Tension composition takes you on a swift flight in search of adventures and new experiences.
The soft and bewitching chime of guitar strings is progressively combined with keyboard variations in the musical canvas of the Gotham twilight musical tale.
The rhythmic heartbeat of the won musical base is combined with the romantic artistry of the guitar solos, creating a bewitching sound of the solemn grandeur of the Tension Air musical ballad.
After the twilight intro, the Pseudo Friends composition captivates with its captivating sound, artistically and unexpectedly varying the rhythm and tempo, taking you on a journey through the expanses of musical discoveries. The Travel With Your Mind musical artwork captivates by the keyboards suites with a pulsating heartbeat, enveloping them with atmospheric covers of a bewitching musical symphony.
The Reborn album's title track captivates with the musical charm of an epic saga, rolling out a musical canvas of solemn anthem full of confidence and perseverance, creating a background for sparkling and shimmering musical melodies. The Sicilian Tarantmetal composition puts an end to the musical story, artistically and progressively weaving folklore motifs with mesmerizing musical skill in a single musical canvas.