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We will predict storm (with a negative probability)

May 12, 2018
We will predict storm (with a negative probability)

Illusory electronic speculation appeals to the For Hell Is Empty main motive, which rises from non-existence to the unity of guitar, vocal and keyboards passages, creating an incredible intrigue in the first composition of the Disease Illusion - After The Storm (That Never Came) album.
The pulsating Through The Fence drive develops the sound of the album, becoming for edification and referring to the forerunners of the style. It's rare stuff - the unity of ultrafuturistic motifs and sources of inspiration for this musical genre!
So uncontrollable drive with melodic banners in his hands begins Red Wine Stained Cheek song, in bridges slowing down and lifting banners to the sun, clearly concentrating on a similar mood in choruses.
Developing the previous song's main motive No Hero then rejects the impetuosity, deciphering the melody clearly and clearly into the introduction, supplementing it with the drive and significance in the verses and choruses.
The symphonic fog is preceded by the incessant dispute of the dominant male growling with rare Ain't It Worthless questions and edification of female vocals.
The pensive fog is preceded by a combination of meadical vortices with vocal reflections, supplemented by a viscous vocal recitative, which precedes the most vivid part of the We Are Storm composition.
Melodic passages in the The Grazer composition fascinate in a thoughtful atmosphere - it is difficult to describe such a multifaceted composition, embodying so many stylistic shades in the mid-tempo pulsing ... it is necessary to listen!
Artistic mist fascinates with a charming haze, then New Order waves a furious drive, combining all the features of this style and genre, to which it relates: here and romance, and power, and drive! This album have to be listened for a personal impression - nothing else!