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We will praise and worship the totem of our deity

June 13, 2018
Agoriz - Tottem

Mysterious haze, ritual tunes of the shaman and priests stuffing into the tambourine rhythm of ritual dances Aeonian that begins the Agoriz - Tottem album, dedicated to the mysterious rites of the Aztecs, the Maya and the ancient South American tribes.
The pulsating rhythmic march Swarm with a progressive shades alternates between vocal changes and further delays perception into mysterious ritual sacraments. Continuing to roll a wave of obscure mysteries Tanatofobia condenses and hardens the sound, introducing a wave of hard and rebellious drive. The vocals complement their parties with an emotional recitative, interspersed with viscous instrumental bridges, referring music to the groove metal. Leaving aside the Aztec sanctuaries, the wandering nomads supplement mysterious rituals with their chants and tunes Beyond the Void, combining the mysterious mystical atmosphere of the local color with the spicy notes of oriental influences.
Beginning with a wave of impetuous drive Situs Inversus then moves away in thoughtful reflections, covered by a romantic ballad atmosphere. But again it is carried away in a free stream of musical aspiration to freedom, then stuck for some time in oriental rites.
The pacifying tune of a mystical flute is interrupted by a wave of power, rolling in a stiff and severe march Fe de Errata, densely and powerfully sounding in the believing natives.
Guitar solo hints at changes in the sound, as if preparing for changes - but The Dying Light again densely and persistently pulsates in the mid-tempo march, the vocals vigorously and confidently drives its phrases into the musical canvas.
Well, the changes in music took place - the screaming and harsh vocals duet is intertwined in Antropofagia constant dispute with the deadly dance of the impetuous drive, carried off by an unrestrained wave until the next break of unclear progressive thinking.
Like resting after a fast drive, Darkness Within twists around the vocal phrases with so mysterious instrumental passages, supplementing the complex changeable rhythm with valorous guitar riffs.
The pulsation of an obscure noise in Transient mysterious haze completes the album, summing up the harsh phrases of the lost in the fog shaman.