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We will hollow into the mire

May 19, 2022
Conjurer (GBR), 2018 -  Mire

The twilight mystery of the sound of the Choke song envelops in veils of obscure conjectures, preparing for the development of an obscure mystery, but then exploding with a whirlwind of furious drive and vocal emotions, rumbling with a soothing guitar solo. The Hollow composition continues the Conjurer (GBR) - Mire album with a rhythmic procession of a painful march, rolling waves of vague sadness and exhausted vocal detachment.
Condensing and the fierce sound of the introduction, the Thankless music rises in a whirlwind of swift storm, but then returns to unhurried and burdened vocal reflections.
Pushing waves of drive, the Retch song subordinates rhythmic transformations to vocal instructions, supporting emotional vocal phrases with whirlwinds of musical passages. After the romantic guitar solo of the introduction, The Mire composition picks up this sensual charm on the wings of a swift whirlwind, returning to the musical reflections of a romantic ballad in the chorus, followed by a rhythmic march with bursts of drive and rage, returning to the romantic atmosphere in the introduction Of Flesh Weaker Than Ash song, hardened by the gloomy covers of a dark anthem with the introduction of vocals, enveloping vocal reflections with gloomy musical veils.
The gloomy and mysterious Hadal dark fairy tale concludes the album with a leisurely procession of musical variations complemented by diverse and stylistically variable vocal parts.