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We will fight

July 27, 2023
Aborted Hero - Golden Samurai

The mysterious intro outlines the furious militancy of guitar fights and the rolls of a frantic drive, starting the Deadliest Warrior composition of the Aborted Hero - Golden Samurai instrumental album with a violent unity of drive and melodic charm, continuing with a bewitching complication in the sound of the Katana Mei musical artwork with echoes of Japanese motifs, combining in its sound a furious drive with the mystical significance of background echoes, continuing in the mystical mystery of its Forever Alone musical creation, enveloping the musical path with veils of twilight atmosphere, preserving echoes of japan fairy tales.
The title track of the Golden Samurai album rolls with confident pressure and enchanting significance, denying and rejecting any doubts, raising these banners in the inspired sound and intriguing mystery of the Impulse track, bringing to the sounds a touch of intriguing enthusiasm, embodied in the bewitching Purpose progressive dance with notes of a furious musical thriller.
The guitar solo of the For Her intro fully and clearly embodies the title in the inspired sound of a furious and bright guitar solo, bringing an intriguing mystery in the painful procession of The Tower composition and the militant deadly dance of the Battle Of Yashima musical artwork, wrapping around the majestic Serenity end of the album with furious militant whirlwinds.