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We will exit frome here

March 03, 2022
Chris Koza - Exit Pesce

Soft clapping precedes acoustic guitar passages and vocal meditations of the Chicago Avenue song slowly and thoughtfully opening the gates of musical narration of the Chris Koza - Exit Pesce album. Acoustic guitar overdubbing combined with dreamy vocal proclamations are combined in the mesmerizing sound of the Civil War Letters composition.
The guitar passages bring some echoes of rustic celebration and sparkling joy to the Tired Eyes sound, continuing a similar style in the sound of the Trip To Poughkeepsie song, bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical picture.
The guitar solo of the Exit Pesce intro charms with intriguing artistry, then acts as a leitmotif. The romantic wistfulness of the Winning The Lottery composition brings sparkling echoes of hopeful hope.
A soft acoustic Pheasants narrative with a vocal pensive with notes of light sadness charms with unhurriedness and measuredness. The chime of the bell complements the spiritual celebration of the brief symphony, then recedes before the South South Dakota thoughtful vocals narration. The Brighter Day composition sums up the album with unhurried, mysterious meditations.