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We will demonstrate insuperable might and power!

September 26, 2017
Obscurity - Streitmacht

Out of the stormy blizzard, the northern winds sweeps the energetic drive that starts Obscurity - Streitmacht album, the impetuous instrumental parts accompany the scrambling, the more precise and powerful rhythm supports the growling, in the 793 chorus these vocal styles combines in a duet.
Through the labyrinth of icy fjords, the Meine Vergeltung intro slowly enters the open space, combining screaming and growling. In the bridge, before the refrain of the wind, they circulate in a fascinating dance, then dragging them into a spectacular, proud chorus, after which the music rushes in a sharp rush to the next verse. The last chorus ends with meditations on everything around, ending with a soft acoustic guitar fingering, thet serves as preparation for the solemn proudly march of title track Streitmacht Bergisch Land intro. Verse splits in impetuous impulses, but the refrain returns to this glorious solemn march - as if the inhabitants of surrounding villages are crowned passing vikings with wreaths of flowers.
In the rapid whirl of Non Serviam militancy detachment in encouraging, destroying all resistance in its path. In the verse, the music leans towards a proud narrative, then in the chorus the drummers ask a fraction that serves as an indication of the vocal phrases and instrumental parts. Waves of a powerful drive Hinrichtung carries away with the irresistible stream of energetic phrases and musical motifs, completing parts with rhythmic persistent words.
A clear drumbeat of the Todesengel introduction prepares the Vikings for a camping trip, then ends with viscous guitar breaks, anticipating tough stiff ballad. But then the music picks up the tempo in the chorus, sweeping the whirlwind of energy, but in the next verse turning into a rhythmic composition in an average tempo until the next chorus.
Once again, Endzeit fierce drive unswervingly rushes to the future, carrying with it without fear and reproach, without the slightest doubt in the chosen goal.
Power and strength, severely, confidently and irresistibly follows the chosen path Herbstfeldzuge, in the middle tempo, making a path.
But speed and fury are looking for an outlet, swiftly circling in a stunning whirlwind into the Ehre den Gefallenen introduction. In the verse again, the average tempo returns, in the chorus the frenzied whirlwind of the intro intercepts the reins of sound.
The album closes the Was uns bleibt composition, which is upholstered and accompanies the main motive all along its length