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July 25, 2023
La Maschera Di Cera - Le Porte Del Domani

The artistic Ritorno Dal Nulla musical artwork combines the mystical echoes of forgotten stories with the enchanting sound of legends and fairy tales, weaving them into the enchanting lace of the beginning of the La Maschera Di Cera - Le Porte Del Domani album, after the enchanting intro, complementing the musical charm with a enchanting vocal part, then uniting in a enchanting dance of a charming ballad. The La Guerra Dei Mille Anni composition takes you to a celebration dedicated to the return of soldiers from the war, which it announces in the opening phrase, complementing the sound with enchanting melodies of flutes and acoustic bard melodies.
The Ritratto Di Lui vocals story dominates with the vocal component, complemented by enchanting musical melodies combining pettiness and intrigue, acting as an introduction to the fascinating development of the L'enorme Abisso composition, entering with a majestic symphonic ascension, then receding before the charismatic vocal pressure and uniting in a single musical stream. But then the musical variations bring in the artistic influence of improvisation and jazz musical shades.
Enchanting musical thoughtfulness envelops the development of the Ritratto Di Lei main motive with mysterious veils, gradually and slowly paving its way in the chosen direction, then crowning the musical mystery with vocal phrases, developing the musical essence by rolling the uncompromising and assertive drive of the Viaggio Metafisico composition, wrapping the musical assault with veils of symphonic charm and giving musical militancy shades epic charm with the tunes of flutes and echoes of past legends and fairy tales.
The mesmerizing musical charm of the introduction envelops with sparkling threads of artistic inspiration, accompanying the entry of the vocal part in the space of the Alba Nel Tempio majestic ballad, continuing with the acoustic charm of the La Parola bard tale, entwined with the sparkling charm of flute melodies and musical inspiration, then leading the vocal part then to the foreground of the musical image , anticipating the Alle Porte Del Domani musical artwork, in the title of which one can see the title track, and in the sound the echoes of medieval epic bard songs and the transformation of the perception of these fairy tales in the modern musical aspect are progressively combined.