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July 25, 2020
Two Timer - Live in the City

The Letter to Charlie begins to share the energy of live concerts. embodied in the sound of Two Timer - Live in the City album. complementing sonorous musical solutions with emotional shades of vocal phrases. Densifying and hardening music and vocals the Drinking Boogie pumps up waves of rebellious drive.
A dense pulsating march rolls over with harsh pulsations of the rhythmic component, the vocalist cries out for the support of the fans in order to share with them the essence of the Hank musical image. In the mid-tempo dance of vocals and music, the sound of the Tie One On main motive is captivating. Whipping up intriguing mystery, the Chinaski musical passages complement vocal phrases with vague premonitions.
The Nola Po'boy brings back the classic blues vibe, then Some New Boogie, Right? accentuates the fan presence and takes you into a playful dance. Long thoughtfulness and unhurried artistry bring the influence of sophisticated romanticism, denying the need for any haste or haste in the Ginger Chicks / Ego Medley sound of this musical style.
Trembling guitar notes add a certain mystery to the Bordello Blues intro, then pumping up unhurried waves of inspiration, crowned with vocal phrases. The Heart Full of Hate concludes the musical narration of this release, taking vocal phrases to the top of the musical image, complementing them with the charm of a harmonica.