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We'll never give up at significant point

February 27, 2021
Significant Point - Into The Storm

As all speed metal albums, the Significant Point - Into The Storm worth their salt, the selling points are the guitars, drums and the vocals, and the band excels, in tracks like the opener Attacker, band's members waste no time in grabbing your attention with their speedy dueling riffs and their virtuoso solos, The Heavy Attack succeeds in matching their speed and in keeping the rhythm in check.
Band's sound like raw energy and enthusiasm personified, and “unhinged” isn’t pejorative - this is showcased on the You've Got The Power and the Into The Storm title track. Conversely, the rousing, the Run For Your Life track wouldn’t work nearly as well.
The Riders Under The Sun and Night Of The Axe tracks is a bunch of great traditional heavy metal material somehow lost in the fog of the 80s and short songs with a stellar guitar solo. The Danger Zone is an effective musical variations, with all the fantastic guitar work that combination implies.
About the Deathrider - that is a long-lost Japanese speed metal classic from the 80. The The Running Alone song ends the album swiftly and aggressively.