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We have to dispel such charm

January 12, 2023
Empress (USA) - Fateweaver

After an intriguing epic introduction, the Legion song rolls out a rhythmic musical canvas before the singing lady's vocal procession, continuing the musical narrative of the Empress (USA) - Fateweaver album with the Beyond the Sleep epic saga, combining the rhythmic stride of a battle march and artistic vocals phrases woven into symphonic musical lace.
A fascinating beginning with notes of oriental motifs precedes a bright guitar solo and the further development of a variety of artistic variations of a long and variable Chimera musical fairy tale, followed by a fascinating and exciting unity of symphony, drive and vocals charm in the sound of The Fall of Kingdoms composition.
Intrigued by the development of the musical motifs of the introduction, the Black Arcana song then weaves from them the musical canvas of the main motif for the vocal part. Enchanting musical motifs and symphonic charm are woven into the musical lace of the Monarch majestic anthem.
Billowing with a whirlwind of swift drive, the Into the Grey song crowns this flight with inspired phrases of the vocal part, preceding the progressive complication of the rhythmics while preserving the symphonic atmosphere of the Immortelle composition and the fascinating charm of the opera vocals and the musical charm of the Eventide final symphony, crowning and decorating the musical passages with sparkling vocals phrases.