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We have to change the world around

July 24, 2023
Anderwelt - 2084

Women's crying in the rain with echoes of distant thunder and bad weather begins the sad narration of the Plenty song, slowly and painfully beginning the musical story of the Anderwelt - 2084 album. Further, the guitar notes bring in some artistic shades and encouraging echoes against the background of bad weather and an unsettling atmosphere, carefully and painstakingly planning the development of further musical variations, rolling out the motives of the introduction, emphasizing passages of the main motive on their influences and shades, then elevating the narrative to the top. But in the future, music and vocals experiment with directions and stylistic features - introducing symphonic melodies of a violin solo and diversifying the vocal part from harsh growls to thoughtful clean vocals ... the only thing that remains unchanged is the background of bad weather and rain.
The guitar solo begins a thoughtful reflection on the fate of the world and the surrounding features, bringing symphonic charm with background female vocals and symphonic violin melodies, but then, while maintaining this unity, it speeds up the tempo and introduces elements of rush and drive, displaying the diverse essence and diversity of the sound of the True composition, somewhat pacifying the drive and storm with the introduction of harsh phrases of male growling vocals. But the progressive artistry of musical variations again and again diversifies the musical essence of the sound, preserving the inspired and charismatic severity of vocals appeals. But then the male vocals bring an atmosphere of sensual brooding, remaining in the background with sensual violin melodies, but then bursting back into the foreground with a fierce musical drive.
The guitar solo bursts into the realm of the listener's mind with a frenzied drive, then joins with the vocald story in the mesmerizing charm of the Luv track, which combines melody and drive in a mesmerizing union with artistic variations of rhythm and tempo. But then the vocal part again introduces elements of artistic transformation in unity with the symphonic background, returning in a viscous anthem of majestic solemnity. Starting with symphonic thoughtfulness, the Pax final composition of the album puts an end to it with fascinating thoughts and a charming unity of music and vocals in a bewitching sound.