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April 17, 2022
Frankenbok - Overdose

Rapidly, energetically and unrestrainedly, the Rolling Dice On Dirty Streets song begins the musical story of the Frankenbok - Overdose album, introducing an element of reflection with vocal recitative, complementing the furious drive with echoes of mystery, continuing the musical narrative with the persistent and uncompromising sound of the War Of Attrition composition, which combines musical variations in a single musical stream with vocals transformations and changes.
The twilight solemnity and density of sounding of the Confidence Man march gives the musical atmosphere shades of gloomy charm and dark echoes of mysterious dark fairy tales, continuing a similar style in the Our Last Breath intro, but then dissipating this dusky atmosphere with the irresistible playfulness of a mysterious dance.
The intriguing introduction ends with a playful passage of the Too Many Trips festal procession, captivating to unity in an obscure mystery with echoes of malicious and dark temptations. The User song captivates with the unbridled and fury of the main motive, crowned with vocals rebellion, assertiveness and intransigence. The Heart With Fire composition immediately brings vocals speeches to the forefront of the musical image - as if demonstrating a public performance of a speaker exhorting about future changes. The Power Process The stubborn Lady Nicotine march confidently and persistently drives its steos into the cobblestones of the chosen path, anticipating a stylistically similar completion of the album with the Black Iron Prison (Feat. Jason Richmond) composition, supplemented by the vocals participation of a guest vocalist.