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August 19, 2019
Frequency Eater - The Fine Game Of Nil

Immediately and with no preparations, the Mea Culpa song explodes in a rampant stream of drive, but then progressive trends are supplemented by thoughtful variations, transforming into sparkling laces and displaying the true essence of the Frequency Eater - The Fine Game Of Nil album. Abyssal Stare continues the variations of romantic thoughtfulness, bewitching with lace of complex and thoughtful musical motifs with twilight haze in the background.
After thoughtful musical passages One Autumn's Face draws a sharp and powerful spirit of drive, but then transforms musical variations with progressive inspiration.
Complex and fascinating Non-Sequiturs musical passages envelop the listener with a complex and inspiring whirlwind of musical motifs, captivating and seducing with indescribable inspiration. Nine Meals To Anarchism continues bewitching and seductive thoughtfulness, preserving the bewitching inspiration of the atmosphere and complementing the sound with trends of romantic motifs. Dunning-Kruger Effect shimmers with variations of thoughtfulness and reflection, weaving an obscure circle of viscous motifs, bewitching the mind with mysterious musical passages.
Fiercely sounding and giving it painful severity But With A Whimper weaves insurmountable obstacles, from time to time chasing swift waves of drive, continuing into the sounding of the Ageing Gracefully composition, fully enveloping with power and unrestrained drive. However, from time to time, the painful trends of the guitar solo hold back the waves of drive and give some trends of thoughtfulness.
Again hardening sound Neurotransmitted Disease envelops musical limits with gloomy vortices, in the tunnel of which a bewitching improvisation of guitar solo pensively walks. But the Electric Sheep song makes the musical sound easier, giving the album some shades of indie rock, continuing a similar style in the sound of Dialectical Behavior Therapy composition. August ends the album with a marching and harsh march, which is transformed by the mesmerizing romance of a guitar solo.