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We follow the intent of God's command

March 29, 2018
Colonnelli - Come Dio comanda

Beginning with a pensive romantic fog, the instrumental Intro continues as the military march, gathering troops for a fierce battle in Colonnelli - Come Dio comanda album. The Amleto composition unites its music with the instrumental album'sintroduction, carried away verses in so violent unrestrained drive. In bridges and choruses, the sound becomes rhythmic and enthusiastic.
The title track's main motive is a tight and vague whirlwind enveloping the craving for dark adventures in the Come Dio comanda intro, but before the vocal part rushes into an unrestrained drive drive, hastily brushing aside the painful reflections in verse. But these burdensome thoughts come back in the chorus, but the furious and unrestrained guitar solo prepares for the next meditation. So frenzied drive sweeps a wave of uncontrollable aggression with vocal reflections, introducing an obscure shade of romantic experiences, scattering by V.M.18 instrumental bridges all around. But romantic reflections complete the composition, in some way prefacing the choruses of the next composition. The atmosphere of adventure experiences is replaced by impetuous impulses of drive in the transitions between verses, in the Sangue ad alti ottani choruses the spirit of adventure romance raises the song of the previous composition to a new level. Demoni e viscere partly continues the style of the previous composition, in the introduction and verses drawing into a gloomy and rapid race for unimaginable treasures, in the refrain, thinking thoughtfully and wise about ancient legends.
Intriguing with the dark mystery of the introduction, Il blues del macellaio then continues in a playful manner, juggling with thoughts and experiences - as if the breath of a variety show and the artistic representations of the Broadway influenced the composition.
Prophecies, predictions and ancient legends envelop the atmosphere of vague premonitions, L'impeto del frastuono extends the stylistic framework of the albums, complementing the drive with shades of epic tragedy. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo covers the impenetrable fog of reflection. Interludio like continues heroic saga as bard ballad, anticipating charming majestic stream of dark drive with so emotional vocals phrases. Significant vocals performances worships heroes memories in the Festa mesta choruses.
The final album's composition Lochness combines the seemingly incompatible things - a romantic ballad, because of which the song of the legendary band with the same name and waves of furious drive was immediately recalled ... after a short respite, recalling the punks from 70-80th is swept endlessly to completion.