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We do not give up - now seeking so we'll find

June 25, 2017
Purgatorium - Still in Search

Without the slightest hint of slowing, tightening and waiting, the title track Still in Search begins the Purgatorium - Still in Search album. Growling vocals dominates in the musical image, occasionally phrases of pure on the background arise. In the instrumental part - the instruments rests, have arranged the respite.
A viscid, gloomy Miklagеrd melody brings doom in the elements into intro. But with the connection of the vocals to the musical stream, the rhythm becomes ragged, then acquiring the shades of the military march.
Power and fury have contained in the introduction, grinding its sound on the anvil. Then Never Dance rhythm saturates and prepares a furious jerk, creating a wave of incomparable power. Next the rush begins the storm of hard drive, subsiding and inclined to a sensual melody in the chorus. But - in the next verse again the explosion of the drive!
Intro sounds in a howling wind and sea storm, then turning into a short ballad.
Appearing in the introduction of Is This My Homeland riff pierces the whole composition as leitmotif, the rhythm pulsates, changes and sounds like a heartbeat, rolling waves of tacts.
Gloomy, but inspiring and exciting motive from the first notes adorns the sounding Incoming like stream of melodious motifs, evoking spirits of the past and ancient legends. Then the drive rolls like a storm, but does not steal the melody, on the contrary it strengthens its presentation.
Shouts of seagulls, quiet, calm and relazing sounds of surf completes the album with a guitar fingeringm fiddlers notes and restrained whispering vocals in the Outro.