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We defiant to all of enemies - gods, monsters, hordes

December 10, 2017
Vengeance Within - Worship Defiance

A viscous, tight and gloomy Starved with Revenge introduction creates dark, sombre atmosphere, but then a wave of drive sweeps down the resistance, seeking in a furious mood for further listening to the Vengeance Within - Worship Defiance album.
Anxious intrigue in the Serpent's Wrath introduction creates a sense of epic development, like ancient spirits spectates this musical action. Then follows a stern and persistent march, culminating in an epic hyper-melodic saga, glorifying heroic deeds. Well, this completes the same march, but gained a pace and the pride of sound.
Ringing bell begins the title track Worship Defiance, then the pulsating rhythm rolls rhythmic power, which at the end of the parts is supplemented by a bell tolls.
Much of the sound of the music stream Infested is gaining momentum, gathering completely in the same framework after the first chorus. In the Greece Defiled...The Brazen Bull introduction, the fog of intriguing music hovers around pensive vocal phrases, then instrumental support sweeps the pace and power of music, continuing with waves of interesting and memorable drive. The dusky fog in the Forged in Black beginning creates an intrigue, which seeks to disperse the included power and fury of instrumental accompaniment and severe vocal phrases. Developing, and fouling with new and new colors, the Chalice of Delusion main motive builds up the power and variety, which, before the epic instrumental solo, does not allow you to abstract even for a moment. Calm and fairy instrumental saga II Ravens II Wolves develops mysteriously, but calmly and melodiously.
One of these legendary creatures, Blood Eagle, soars into the sky, covering all visible spaces with scarlet bloody wings. Then the story somewhat reduces the pace, strengthening the significance of the vocal narrative. But again there is an explosion of instrumental rage.
The album ends with a very diverse composition Bring Thine Enemy, beginning with a stream of impetuous and furious drive, sparkling with a bright melody of the leitmotif. Then the musical image is supplemented by pure vocal with gentle soft accompaniment, after which the vocals return to extreme style, but the growling acquires shades of screaming. In the echoing waves of screaming and growling, the song and the whole album come to an end.