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We can't defeat all around?! Argh! We'll try

March 16, 2016
We can't defeat all around?! Argh! We'll try

Thrash with a strangled voice and impressions of apologies - that's it! Deathtale - Whole World Burns. They are The Fallen - and sing about it!
Mighty and powerfull start of song with the powerfully blows guitars and brutal growly voice - Flesh For Sale! Who buy it? How much it cost there?!
Slowly start From Hell, accelerate, harshign - further slowing the the story by not losing tempo drums.
Start predicted increase of tempo and density, but - a melodic part with a lyric vocals... then - mighty blow of guitars and rhytmic slashes, then - mighty, harsh and mid-tempo ballads! Everything Changes!
Harsh and severe beginning - and then melodic, lyrical, thoughtful guitar - that's Before Blood Flows!
Diplomatic, melodic beginning of the Death Machine. It kills with no remorses. Slowly and painfully!
Hard-core or rap-core? Noup - just the tytle track Whole World Burns. Technical and interesting guitar intro, which then pass through the entire track - thats Phoenix Theory... and after death it will rise in the fire of rebirth!
Warpath don't want not to search for other ways - be on it or go away! That's all!
The melodic rhythmic entry... and then just stylish harshed music - boring, but predictable Into The Abyss - all we'll be there (
Quiet acoustic strings, searchin' the melody - Silent Eulogy, that's it! And then the mighty and thrashy-fully slashes in the From Hell ( German Version ).
I don't know "Deutsche"... so I smash all, who's on my way with ukrainian mighty blow, argh! you've forgot your password...Maybe they know it - DeSever - Chronicles Of Confinement?
Let's try to find - Chronicles Of Confinement, just your's today life... no sleep, no rest!
It is assumed not what it was before this stuff in Silvertongue - but if clean vocals this kind - so it's owner has  lot off emotions that can't be hided by his deeds.
Direct Ruination, dense song - goes into a lyrical intro that feeds slow flow that feeds the melodic guitar solo.
Death metal sounds in Captor To Carcass affects their creators - furious, torn and broaching sounds referred here are memorable!
Referred has not gone - you're in the Void! Determination of it requires no explanation, but it is necessary to get out from Psychosomatic stuffs!
Powerlly blows, mighty slashes - you're lookin' the way out by the Moonhound? Are you sure that will helps you?
Viscous, impressive entry marches - and here's acceleration we heard in Dark Wings, Dark Words.