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We are on the road to Hell

April 23, 2022
Unburned - Hell I Welcome

The soft and pensive Sermons For Lili instrumental intro of the The Unburned - Hell I Welcome album creates an intriguing anticipation of further musical development, billowed by the unrestrained flow of frantic drive and unrestrained sound of the Moonbound song.
Rolling out the musical canvas of an epic fairy tale, the Fishing Hamlet composition varies in its sound and different vocal and musical styles, continuing the musical narrative with the persistent pressure of the Undead Girl song.
The title track of the Hell I Welcome album again turns to bardic ballads and motifs of medieval sagas. But after the preparation of the Lawless Ride composition rises in a race of frantic drive in the unrestrained fury of a musical thriller.
Intertwining ribbons and threads of musical and vocal passages, the Venomous composition in the chorus weaves and raises the banners of the main motif with the accentuation of the title, leading to an unstoppable race along the paved path of the sound of the Alone Into Eternity song anticipating the charismatic significance of the Valkyrie final saga of the album.