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We are on th edge of truth

June 04, 2022
Rezet - Truth in Between

Eagerly, impatiently and furiously, the Back for No Good song begins the deadly dance of the Rezet - Truth in Between album, then wrapping the vocal reflections of the Deceived by Paradise coposition with a whirlwind of intriguing mystery. Drumroll and echoes of battles precede the development of the sound of the Populate. Delete. Repeat. battle march.
The bright and sparkling flight of the swift drive of the Renegade song is fascinating to follow in search of adventure, but the Half a Century composition wraps the vocal narrative with a lace of doubts and anxieties. However, musical motifs fascinate with artistic sound. Vocal reflections are intertwined in the enchanting dance of the Infinite End melodic ballad.
The Truth in Between title track fascinates with the melodic guitar solo of the intro, then rhythmically and sternly hammering in the mighty step of an assertive rhythmic drive, filled with vocal emotions and musical revelations. The driving thrust of the Jailpit musical thriller draws you into an energetic dance, culminating in the significance and tenacity of the I vocals narrative, culminating in the support of the companions in the chorus.
Musical drive and vocal burning create a harsh atmosphere in the sound of The Plague composition combined with mystical musical mystery and vocals pleas. The (Un)certain Crimes ritual melodies complement this musical mystery. Musical passages of the Never Satisfied main motif are fascinating in strange and unexpected experiments of sound and the search for stylistic distractions with a romantic guitar solo. However, these experiments culminate in the furious blow of The Last Suffer unrestrained final thriller.