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August 07, 2021
Jan Helsing, 2019 -  Kaed

Inspirational Ainus Lugu vocals tunes are sympathetic and disassembled by the Jan Helsing - Kaed album, then, lifing the vocal tunes of a singing lady to the forefront of the Kauba Tanav musical image.
In the sound of the Foto composition in the charming dance, female and male vocals are intertwined.The sealing and fierce sound of the Veel Uks Oo song creates a gloomy atmosphere, the society of vocal reflections in a single stream of doubt. The singing lady goes to the Arka Ules fore, then at times binding with inspired male tenor. The Piir vocals and music are nervously woven in a single dance. The Tehe, Mis Ei Jagu manually and significantly rolling the sound of the solemn anthem. The vocal party in the interlacing of female and male vocals goes to the Kaed fore northern saga.
The progressive complication of the rhythm gives the artistry of the sound of the Tere song. Then romanticism viscous interpretation of the Kuskil Kaugemal sound envelops the prevention of the Neverland final composition of the album.