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June 26, 2023
Stray Gods - Olympus

After a brief introduction, the vocal part confidently leads the musical story of the Out of Nowhere song, which begins the musical story of the Stray Gods - Olympus album, continuing with the mysterious thoughtfulness of the Ghost from the Future musical fairy tale, wrapped around vocal phrases with sparkling passages of guitar riffs.
The guitar solo of the intro captivates with melodic grandeur, setting the direction for the development of the main motif, developing in the mid-tempo sound of The Other Side of the Mirror composition, varying the tempo and enchanting vocal significance, preparing listeners for the combative and harsh significance of The Sign mid-tempo musical march, rhythmically driving its tread into the chosen musical path.
The guitar solo of the intro is then intertwined with the vocal narration in the enchanting dance of the Abel & Cain musical tale, enthralling the listener to the realization of the significance of this musical story, continuing with the mesmerizing charm of the acoustic intro and the further enchanting sound of the Fortune Favors the Bold mesmerizing ballad.
The guitar solo of the intro paves and indicates the path of the main motif, according to which the Angels of the Light musical march imprints its tread, again and again announcing and emphasizing its name in the chorus, carefully and painstakingly preparing for a long and varied fairy tale of the title track of the Olympus album, which completes its musical fairy tale.