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We are circling, circling and circling!

July 16, 2023
Crossfade (SWE) - Carousel

After careful preparation, the title track begins to color the musical passages of the Crossfade (SWE) - Carousel album, obsessing vocals reflections with enchanting musical passages.
The keyboard is combined with the guitar chime in a thorough and mesmerizing dance, slowly and carefully preparing the introduction of the vocal part of the Taking Me Home composition, enclosing vocals reflections in the enchanting covers of musical lace.
Slowly, unhurriedly and gently, guitar passages roll out a musical canvas, along which vocal reflections then slowly march, intertwining with musical variations in the Let the Sunshine In enchanting dance of romantic charm, combined in a bewitching dance.
The acoustic guitar solo fascinates the listener with fascinating intrigue, then combining in a mutual musical flow with vocals pressure, forming a different sound of the Dancing in the Moonlight composition, mesmerizing with a charming mystery.
Concluding the album with a soothing calm, the 5th Love of Mine slowly and twilightly sits mysterious vocals thoughts.