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We are avenging by rebellion against the system

January 28, 2022
Against (ARG) - Emerger

The romantic Trascender instrumental guitar solo acts as an enchanting and mesmerizing introduction to the Against (ARG) - Emerger album, continuing with the whirlwind unity of vocal emotionality and furious drive of the Canibal song, keeping echoes of the melodic charm of the romantic guitar solo intro, supplementing them with the power and energy of vocal fury and musical drive. The guitar solo of the instrumental part charms with melodic wistfulness and notes of romantic experiences.
Rhythmic, powerful and assertive sound of the Alzando Mi Odio composition creates the basis of musical waves, raising the vocal part, alternating the harsh and clean vocals, on the crests of musical waves with the notes of oriental motifs. The Carnal song rolls up the twilight haze of a viscous and drawn-out march in the introduction, then continuing the vocal alternation, giving the clean vocals more prominence in the musical image.
The rhythmic march of the introduction continues with the pensive and romantic vocal reflections of the Sucubo ballad. The bright guitar solo paves the way for the rapid pursuit of the Voluntad main motif, bringing you into a unity of melody and impetuosity, which is somewhat subdued with the introduction of the vocals, but then even more pressurizing waves of drive.
The most enigmatic, versatile and wide-ranging composition of the album, Esclavos Del Poder, combines in its sound an incredible variety of stylistic and genre branches and shades. The Contra song closes the album with the incredible unrestraint of an energetic musical thriller.