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We are afraid to find ourselves in such heaven

April 16, 2023
Chelsea Grin - Suffer in Heaven

The twilight mystery of the intro ends with intriguing background vocal phrases, then combining the vocal part with musical beats in the Leave with Us rhythmic march, continuing the Chelsea Grin - Suffer in Heaven album with the Orc March gloomy procession, in which the screaming and growling vocals of the ruthless horde threaten the destruction of all human values, alternating and sometimes uniting in a duet.
The instructor announces the rules and conditions, then building a changeable tempo of the sound of the Fathomless Maw composition, enchanting with the melodic artistry of the guitar solo of the instrumental part, developing the complexity and variability of the rhythm in the progressive manner of sounding the Soul Slave song, dragging you to wander through the mysterious ambiguities of spiritual features.
The vague sermon of the introduction ends with an explosion of drive and a vocals cry, foreshadowing the further combination and alternation of screaming and growling vocals in the mental anguish of The Mind of God song, continuing the musical narrative of the album with the twilight mystery of the sound of the Yhorm the Giant musical fairy tale, shrouded in an artistic background of musical variations. The vocals cry in the introduction indicates the dominant role of the vocal part in the sound of the Sing to the Grave song, calling for musical support in anticipation of the twilight mystery of the sound of The Path to Suffering final composition of the album, ending it with riddles and calls for reflection and reasoning about the future path.