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We announce our ultimatum!

September 03, 2023
We announce our ultimatum!

The guitar solo begins the musical intrigue of the Virtual Reality song, which then elevates the vocal part to the top of the musical stream, again and again supplementing the sound with rhythmic accents and a stubborn march with vocal hints, continuing the musical story of the Cockroach (DEU) - No Compromise album with the rapid pressure of guitar passages and vocals disturbances of the Vampire In Black musical thriller, combining musical harshness with vocals rebellion.
A brief rhythmic intrigue prepares and rolls out the musical canvas of the Disciples Of Evil harsh march, which in the perspective of sound brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, ending with the exciting Between Good And Evil musical dance, combining musical variations and vocals phrases in a single bright whirlwind of enchanting artistry. The twilight mystery of the musical passages weaves the mysterious veils of the Memories ballad, complementing the sound with the sophistication and thoughtfulness of the vocal story, continuing the unhurried musical progress of the album with the Marching Souls rhythmic march, raising the vocal significance to the top of the sound after the introductory fragment. The mesmerizing mystery of the guitar solo intro intriguingly prepares for the further development of musical variations, entering with a rhythmic vocal march, but then again and again accelerating the tempo and assertiveness of the sound of the Love Vision composition, sometimes returning to unhurried thoughts with melodic guitar solos .
The bright guitar solo of the intro precedes the stubborn and stern procession of the Death Zone battle march, intriguing with a mysterious rhythmic step and mysterious musical variations, continuing the rhythmic step of the Time Bomb musical story, emphasizing and combining the rhythm of musical beats and vocal phrases, artistically and progressively varying and complicating the rhythmic pattern of the Pit Bull's Bite composition, closing the album with such a bright and peculiar ascension.