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Waves that can break walls

July 27, 2020
Waves Like Walls - Waves Like Walls

The fury of the Time vocals appeals is intertwined with the emotional feelings of the guitar solo in a mesmerizing dance, then transformed by waves of a harsh march. Dancing in the whirlwinds of restrained drive Sinking Battleship accelerates the pace somewhat, combining in the sequel of the Waves Like Walls - Waves Like Walls album an epic tale and whirlwinds of rebellious drive. But variations in tempo and rhythm give this combination an artistic touch. The Choice continues and complements the motives of the previous composition in the mysterious mystery of the introduction with muted vocal reflections, then rolling in harsh waves of a powerful and persistent march.
Rising into the Chainbreaker verses a whirlwind of emotional experiences of doubt, choruses walks with the confident significance of the interweaving of music and vocals. Expanding the stylistic boundaries of the album the Buried track combines musical solutions of popular music with shades of drive and fury of extreme vocals. Combining the rebellious drive with the melodiousness of the main motive, the Redemption mesmerizingly intertwines and unites the streams of different musical motives into the sound of a single composition. A whirlwind of mysterious guitar solo adds a romantic touch to the World In Flames intro, then blends in a brooding dance with a vocal part, weaving into the sound of a hit composition.
Bursting with rage and anger of the vocal part True Strength then wraps the rage of the phrases with veils of twilight echoes of the dark anthem. Introductory Turn heightens the expectation of drive, but then prefers to accelerate the tempo to pulsating vocal recitative and stubborn musical procession. The Pain closes the album with an unexpected guitar solo, combining lounge style with elements of modern drive.