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Waves of ancient legends arises in veins

October 29, 2019
The HU - The Gereg

The title track begins the The HU - The Gereg album with an intriguing chime of strings, enveloping the musical essence with the color of Mongolian folklore. The vocals enter with rhythmic dancing tunes, ending with singing violin passages. Wolf Totem vocal part, shrouded in misty passages of accompaniment that enhances the mystical atmosphere, marches at the forefront of the musical image, completing solo phrases with singing companions.
The song, softly and muffled, then lifts up the proud pride of the anthem honoring the main legend of the Mongolian people, the sovereign warlord The Great Chinggis Khaan. Fascinating with a romantic atmosphere The Legend of Mother Swan composition narrates an enchanting fairy tale. Immediately emphasizing the Shoog Shoog song name by the warlike brothers in arms chants, in the verse the composition adjusts to the readiness for future battles. The muffled atmosphere envelops the chime of strings, the echoes of a mysterious harp, carrying The Same vocals to the expanses of ancient legends, crowning the vocal chorales and musical image with howling violin solos.
Dancing in a peculiar unity of traditional rock'n'roll, southern rock and Mongolian tunes Yuve Yuve Yu combines cultures and ages. But Shireg Shireg again returns to the enchanting mysticism of the eastern tunes, captivating and captivating in the vastness of dreams and the unimaginable depth of eastern wisdom. Song of Women completes the album in the same style, but discarding playfulness and reverie, enveloping in the mesmerizing mystery of forgotten tales and legends.