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Wars and battles remains in the memory, conveying the last will of the fighters

June 12, 2019
Uuntar - Voorvaderverering

Intrede opens the gates of the Uuntar - Voorvaderverering album with the mystical mystery, in which the birds sing and the thoughtful intrigue appears. Een Germaansche grafheuvel develops the melody laid in the introduction, vocals breaks through the fabulous haze with harsh screaming, but the music envelops vocal phrases with enchanting mystery, creating an atmosphere of the flow of ancient tales, evoking the trends of twilight romanticism.
Majestically and proudly parades Ganggraf song, captivating the attention of the unhurried hymn of the introduction. The vocal forces a certain acceleration of the tempo, however, retaining the majestic solemnity and prideful significance of the musical narration.
While preserving the album's epic charm, the Lof op 't hunebed tunes of bards marching alongside the army procession drives the dust to the road. The songs evoke prowess and readiness for battle, then after some lull the rhythm accelerates to the edge of the average tempo, more emotional shades appears in the vocals.
Entering into battle, the troops check their uniforms - and now their swords jingles, the wounded scream and give their last breaths to the dying. But again and again more and more new knights come into battle, demanding Bloed om Bloed, blood for blood!
Uittrede completes the album with a symphonic haze of instrumental charm, like clouds of last breath shed a battlefield, embodying sadness and sadness. The surviving soldiers collect armor and carry the wounded away from this incarnation of military prowess.