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Warlord notifies favored knights about the God's wrath

November 26, 2019
Ficcion - Sobre La Ira De Dios

Beginning with alarm and thoughtfulness, the Peces song then braids the listener with lace of progressive musical passages and ends with some shades of inspiration. Entering with the mesmerizing passages of piano, the Ficcion - Sobre La Ira De Dios album also complements the vocal part. But then the vocals recede to the side, releasing an exciting keyboard improvisation to the forefront of the Planeta Porno musical image.
Throbbing guitar passages create a rhythmic musical background for the Regreso A La Autopista track, topped by vibrant keyboard tunes that combine concentrated thoughtfulness and inspiration. The rhythmic guitar passages alternates with soft and pacifying keyboard solos, so Solo Y Acompanado is bringing elements of an enchanting lounge to the album. The final part of the composition rises in a whirlwind of jazz improvisations, giving the song an even greater degree of progressive artistry.
The musical passages of the Donza Boreal introduction and the main motive of the first composition are transferred to a ceremony in a medieval castle, then the vocalist takes on the role of herald. The Rollel Y/O El Ultimo Tren De Tu Vida transforms music as waving solemn banners of musical triumph and deploys an incredibly artistic and progressive lace, with a variation of themes, styles and even genres.
Entering with the drum roll Un Nuevo Amanecer again brings the trend of epic medieval motifs, weaving them in a bewitching dance with jazz variations and introducing shades of adventure sagas. Suite De Las Siete Virgenes Y Una Mula ends the album with the pulsating heartbeat of a musical organism, sometimes enveloping in the covers of gloomy tales and twilight ghostly predictions.